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Search MongoDB from Splunk and Send Logs from Splunk to MongoDB

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Did you know that you can search MongoDB collections directly from Splunk? Did you know you can selectively send logs from Splunk to MongoDB? With Dataflect, you can do both!

Enable the MongoDB Atlas Data API

Within your Atlas console, navigate to "Services" - "Data API" - "Settings" and toggle "Enable Data API".

Create an API Key

Within your Atlas console, navigate to "Services" - "Data API" - "Users". Click "Create API Key", give it a name and select "Generate API Key". Copy the API Key and store it in a secure location, you will need this later.

Add Your Applicable URL Endpoint Domain to the list of Allowed Domains in Dataflect

Create a credential in Dataflect with your API Key

Now you can easily search any MongoDB collection to which you have access, directly from Splunk

Want to send logs from Splunk to a MongoDB collection, you can do that too!

Now you can search those logs stored in MongoDB directly from Splunk using Dataflect

It's really that easy! Contact us today at to schedule a demo.


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