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Integrate Splunk and to add Email Reputation to Search Results

The data your have stored in Splunk likely contains numerous email addresses. How are organizations to know which of these are potentially malicious, or which of your users may have had an email address compromised? Are your analysts constantly switching back and forth between Splunk and another tool to gather additional information about these types of indicators? Dataflect has a solution. With Dataflect you can quickly and easily integrate with any tool that provides Email reputation information. In the following example we will walk through a quick integration between Splunk and using Dataflect.

Get an API Key from

Navigate to and select the plan that works for you (hint: there is a free option). You will be emailed your API Key, store this value you will need it later.

Add to the list of Allowed Domains in Dataflect

Create a credential in Dataflect with your API Key

Leverage Datflect's powerful enrichment capabilities to add valuable context to your search results

It's really that easy with Dataflect! Contact us today at to schedule a demo.


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